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mep sequence in building

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Johnny Wee
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just share your ideas,need to complete the following:

after blockwork chasing/marking,we can start for conduiting and g.i. box and db box then close by plaster.. then we install wiring for light and power..then install/terminate db after light fittings

after blockwork, install hangers then g.i. tray then high level wiring install, then access for ceiling works


after blockwork, we can start for 1st fix a/c hanger then start ducting / insulation and fcu and chilled pipes installation in parallel, then connect line bet fcu and duct,then access for ceiling works

after fixing of pipes, testing/commission


Samer Zawaydeh
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Dear Johnney,

It depends on the size of project that you have. Either go by

1st fix electrical: Walls, ceiling and Floor
2nd fix electrical: pulling cables and wires,
3rd fix electrical: sockets, cover plates, lighting fixtures and commissioning.

1st fix Mechanical
2nd fix Mechanical
3rd fix Mechanical: installing fixtures, pads and commissioning,

for big size project, it is preferred that you go by system. For MEP, it can run between 15-25 systems.

Let me know if you have a more specific question.