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which to recover?

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Adelfa Sapinoso
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hello great planners,

have a program for 7 buildings. works started e few months ago. as per latest update, we have an overall delay of 60 days. only 2 buildings caused the slippage as per individual completion milestones (-60 total floats each), the rest with + floats to final handover. we are now required a recovery program to the delay.

as a beginner, i am at loss as to where to make the necessary recovery.although the remaining 5 bldgs have +floats, activities for them are still delayed. do i also have to make adjustments on them?

thanks in advance


ulysses garcia
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Hi Adelfa,

I would direct the answer to adelfa’s question. In project group , like in your case, having 7 building in one project; 2 building slippage -60 days.

In doing a recovery schedule you can do it in two options ;either , to treat it individualy or to treat it as a whole project.

Keep in mind, why we are doing recovery? , the main point is we are trying our project back to its original course, meaning to the target delivery of the product.

Theoritically, you need to analyse your resources as a whole that are overallocated and try to distribute them appropriately, or add resources, adjust calendar working days,ect. , you can do it as project or individual as long as you get your target aim completion date.
Your friend,
Ulysses (ULY)
ashraf alawady
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Dear all,

he has to study the reasons of delays ,if the reasons are sole responsibility of the contractor then he has to study the possibility to recover the delays by increasing the resources , increasing the daily productivity and decreasing the durations for the delayed activities of the two buildings only .

Taking into consideration that if the delays can be mitigated within short priod so ,no need to change the base line program and he can submit only mitigation plan and two weeks ahesd program showing the actions will be taken to mitigate the delays.
if the delays can not be mitigated within short priod so ,it may required to change the base line program and resequance the works to show how the works will be completed within the contract period and the actions will be taken to mitigate the delays.
Armando Moriles
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Hi Adel,

I would suggest the following:

1. Make sure that you have maintained your baseline programme;
2. Identify the factors that caused the delay. Why is it that the other 5 buildings are ok and the other 2 are delayed?
3. Once you captured the factors, calculate how much does each factor affected your critical path. Substantiate each of them. The summation of all factors may at least be equal to your total delay. Notify the client of the delays and that you reserve your right for Extension of Time and Cost Claims;
4. Do not adjust your programme until such time that the client recognizes the delay and that a need to generate a revised programme is agreed.


Adelfa Sapinoso
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many thanks!

did the recovery taking ur points and so far haven’t got a word yet from the client/consultants :)

Edderic See
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Hi Adalfa,

You can put a must finish date in your project to fix your contract completion date. That way, your current schedule will have a negative float when you have exceeded your baseline.

For recovery, either you can restructure your network links in your schedule or if you are in a hurry decrease the durations. I suggest you need to be certain not give unrealistic duration if you are going for the latter.


Johny Kesserwany
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Hi Adelfo

you have to make the necessary recovery for the 2 buildings in order to respect your project finish date.

For the other 5, If by contract you have to respect intermediate milestones, you have to recover the ones delayed.