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Top-down planning

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Jose Noe
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Has anybody come across a formal definition of Top-down planning?




Karim Mounir
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Can also be a methodology used in cost estimating of activities, usually early in the project when information about the project is very limited.

Kinley Brown
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An ineffective planning methodology, describing the approach taken when senior management alone conducts planning activities with little or no input from the rest of the organization.
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Also believe me, im involve in this diverse type of construction as per my adventures.



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Top Down construction involve underground construction for example bomb shelter in crowded metropolis or underground train station in heavy congested area.

This is called top down because the top of the structures, usually at street level will be constructed first, then the next level rekoned from street level will be done in succession until the last level at the bottom, say five of ten level below street level.

The construction method is different for top down construction against bottom up construction that is very common in high rise building.


Edgar Ariete
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it always starts Top Down, unless you got all the details needed (seldom happens), that’s why its Bottom Less!
Reynaldo Y. Calay...
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hi jose....

Top down planning.............
in buiding construction sometimes we implement top down construction the reason is that after finishing the superstructure of the building we will start the finishes from the top going down the main reason for these is that we will minimize cleaning and back job. if you would start from the top the garbage as you go down you would carry. but this is rarely used since some activities are done vertically going up like precast crutain wall etc. there would be confusion your internal activities would be goiong down and your external activities would be vertical going up.....unless you finish all external activities first then shift to top down construction.....