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Program scheduling

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irshath yakub
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Iam a planner working in a infrastructure contracting company . The client wants only periodic updates of the project progress and i complete the monthly updates of the project progress. Activities which have been slipped results in new completion date.
Due to the slippage in the project progress,I could not able to exactly reorganise my schedule just because my schedule is time bound and not resource bound.
Please help me how to do a effective planning


Sukumaran Subaram...
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Use some imaginary resources to recalculate the required duration to complete the job.

Example : if you need to start some activities concurrently to mitigate the delay, highlight to your project team the necessity to add in more resources to expedite the job.
With this additional resources work out the schedule and inform them the possible new completion date.

Bernard Ertl
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If you built a schedule using only date constraints and not logical relationships between tasks, then you are pretty much stuck unless you can get all stakeholders to agree to a new schedule IMO.

Bernard Ertl
eTaskMaker Project Planning Software
Zhang Haixiang
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what do you mean "I could not able to exactly reorganise my schedule".
delay is normal in project,trace the logic of your schedule,especially the critical path to find out what cause the delay,take corrective action if needed.

See what will happen next time you update the schedule