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P3 & AutoCAD

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Ahmed Hamada
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hello everybody,
I heard that i can link P3 schedule with an AutoCAD file, in order to show the progress of the project. i mean the activities are linked in somehow with that DWG file. is that possible and how can i do so?

Ahmed Fouad


Tom Reichner
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More recent developments include Synchro software. I recently saw an on-line webinar where Synchro seamlessly linked Primavera P6 to Autocad drawings so that the top half of the screen showed the P6 bar chart with activities and the bottom half showed a stick model of the construction drawing. As an activity was completed (actualized) in the P6 schedule above, the Autocad drawing moved that structural component into place in the view below. I assume the same can be done in P3 for any activity in the schedule including excavation, pouring concrete foundations, laying electrical cable, piping, etc.

Synchro is a sponsor on Planning Planet. Go to the link and read the announcement with their advertisement on the right side of the screen.

The project was an industrial EPC project.

Very nice integration of schedule with BIM.

Guo Shiuch
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Hannes de Bruyne
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There is off-shelf product for P3 or PEC linked to AutoCAD or MicroStation. First time I view the demo is approx 5 years ago.
The drawing is either 2D or 3D. If I remember correctly, it is a Bentley’s product.
I have view another product by chaning on drawing, sequence of activities will be adjusted. The demo is presented by a University in China 2 to 3 years ago and it link Microsoft Project or P3 to AutoCAD only.
Sunil Kumar
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P3 Expedition has the facility of having both Auto cad and P3 but does not solve your purpose of combined presentation.

Zhang Haixiang
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I don’t know if there is any ready-made software.
but you can do it yourself together with programmer.
AutoCAD support VBA( visual basic for application), which can be used to access P3 file through RA or OBDC to get progress information, then draw whatever you want or just show ready-made hidden objects
Ronaldo de los Reyes
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If P3 program will be linked to CADD, it would really improve presentation of the tabular reports, maybe even 3 dimensional graphs. is it possible?
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I don’t think Primavera have response on this one. They pay their attention on scheduling, cost and control management. They recommend others to have integration on data with their product.
Several years ago, Bentley has delveloped a product named simulator for the link up between 3D drawing and P3 project. However, Bentley have pay much effort on this one. I’m not sure their latest product.
btw, 3 years ago, some universities in China also do some research and development, the data transfer is both ways between programme and drawing.
Forum Guest
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I read a couple years ago that Stanford was developing a software to do that (4D scheduling). I recently heard of a couple packeges already in the market, but still at prohibitive prices.

The question should go to Primavera; are they considering this technology for upcoming updates?