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Missing Feature - P3e

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Rahmat Hidayat
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I’ve been a P3 3.1 user for long enough time and i am just introduced to P3e 4.0, but i’m very disappointed when exploring P3e that there are some important feature missing, such as:

1. zig zag progress line
2. Hammock Activity
3. in p3 3.1 time scale we can combine calendar date & ordinal date but not in P3e.

Could you help me to find alternatives to overcome this problem?

Thks in advance


Bernard Ertl
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This thread is posted in the wrong forum. Topics related specifically to P3e should be posted in the P3e forum. I suggest continuing this thread in the already existing thread covering this topic:

P3e Evaluation

Bernard Ertl
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Ronald Winter
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To begin with, P3e has a hammock activity, only it is called a “Level Of Effort” type. It has more functionality that hammocks in some ways. Good luck!