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Scheduler Performance

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Rahmat Hidayat
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What is parameter and criteria to say that a scheduler performance is poor, average, or high? How to measure his performance, based on deliverables/ timely/ or manhours expenses ?

Have we ever discussed this matter before on this forum or you have some reference, please let me know and advise me !



Luca Basile
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If You go in Ron Winter web page You can find 119 main points that should be used to check the schedule "Checks and Balances: Baseline Schedule Review"

It is an excellent start. And the list given is real complete.
I can just find one more point to check, if You resource has a lag (allowed in P3).
Rahmat Hidayat
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Joined: 30 Jul 2002
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Thank you for this useful advise,Razif. I agree with you that schedule is product of team work. But we have to specify that team work give us only information but scheduler has to arrange and create correct schedule (i.e. CPM, tasks, etc).

I think the point is how the scheduler can optimize and integrate gathered information to produce qualified schedule. and the question is how do you measure that the schedule is good or bad ? simplicity, complexity, informative, critical path identification or others ?
razif r
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Dear Sir,

I consider myself new in project mgmt practice ( fresh grad bout 2 years ago). Back to the discussion on scheduler performance:
(1) planning scheduling envelop 60% of project mgmt field(reference PMI).
(2) the core of scheduling technqe. - CPM/CPA.
(3) planning scheduling task envelopes project environment & strategies and which schedule will be developed (project constraint, reasonable productivity rate, Contract, Cost/Estimation, supply-chain, risk mitigation).

In small company, normally the scheduling task being put on Planning Engineer which they are normally being given responsibility to digest all the above and producing the schedule.

In big company, normally, the scheduling task being put on the Planner/Scheduler which concentrate on the CPM/CPA schedule analysis and development and in order to fully develope the schedule, inputs from various party within the same organisation are important and vital ..i.e. input from the good and experience project manager, contract manager/QS, very experience site staff (who knew very well the site problem and ways to overcome them)and perhaps from the top management in lieu of the company project strategies.

Basically, it s a TEAMWORK. Performance? Well..poor teamwork may have a tendency of producing poor schedule/programme. The more the team co-operate with Planner/Scheduler or Planning Engineer the visibility of producing a better schedule is higher.

As for the Contractor, it is a vital tools later on for claim analysis pertaining the Contract involved.