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repetitive programming

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Mark Whalley
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I will be completing a contract involving 46 student accommodation units. I know of a programme to help but i am not aware of the format. Please can you help?


Russell Kenley
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Hi Mark,

Repetitive scheduling method, or Line-of-Balance, is now available in a powerful fully commercial product.

It is available from Dynamic Systems Solutions (DSS). It is called DYNAProject and is a CPM-based, Line-of-Balance system for commercial or Civil projects. select the English page if your Finnish is not up to scratch!

It is also available in the Asia/Pacific from

Ernesto Montales
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The way I understand it, when you do repetitive works the best method to use is the LINE BALANCE (LOB). I still have to see a software that presents it a manner that we do it manually.


E Montales