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Behavioral Profiling of "Successful" Cost Estimators

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Dr. Paul D Giammalvo
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Colleagues, during AACE's San Antonio Symposium, I presented a paper on developing the competencies of Cost Estimators. (DEV-886)

One of the key elements of any competency assessment is to identify if people are emotionally suitable for a given position- that is, they have the emotional intelligence (EI) to be at least capable if not superior performers.

For several years, I have been interested in studying what behavioral traits make superior project managers and I supervised two graduate students who did their Masters thesis on the behavioral profiles of successful project SPONSORS.

As a follow up to my presentation in San Antonio, I would like to start a new research project on developing a behavioral profile of "successful" cost estimators.

To be clear, behavioral profiling is a legitimate, reputable and effective tool being used amongst other things, by the Israelis to identify potential terrorist threats.'SPOT'

Behavioral Profiling is NOT the same as racial or religious profiling.

If there is anyone interested to participate in this research, please email me and I will send you the Excel spreadsheet. It will take the about ~15-20 minutes to complete, then email it to me 

Feel free to pass this along to anyone you know. I am especially keen to find career estimators- those who have been doing cost estimating for most of their working lives.

Once I have compiled the data, I will offer to present the findings at the next AACE Symposium in DC along with the next step in the process.

Thanks in advance and if there are any graduate students out there looking for a thesis topic, I would be happy to collaborate with you on crunching and analyzing the numbers.

Dr. PDG, Jakarta, Indonesia