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Resource Spread sheet

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Carlos Dominguez
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can someone tell me
if i have a activity with a resource assigned to it as a example the left side of the spead sheet i have my activity and budgeted labour units that says
1 electrician for 2 hrs and on the spread sheet it shows that i need 0 men how come ?


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I think Ali Farhat is right, almost all MS applications e.g. XL, MSP & P3 etc. have this by default and one has to set the fomat. I think you can get not only in decimal but also in factoring format e.g. 1/2,3/4 etc.
Carlos Dominguez
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Ali , Thank you so much it is appreciated ...
Ali Farhat
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when you assign a resource to an activity, Primavera distributesd the budgeted units on the whole duration of the activity by default. this means that ther 2 hours budgeted where divided on the total duration of your activity.
In this example if the duration is more than 4 days, say 5..
2hrs / 5 days = less than 0.5 hour per day. all numbers below 0.5 will be rounded to zero!
so to solve this, you need to go to "user preference menu" -> time units tab -> Units format -> and choose to display 2 decimals.
please note that the resource spreadsheet shows the number of budgeted units (in this example hours) over the time scale. to view the number of MEN, right click on the spreadsheet -> spreadsheet options-> check calculate average, and check "base on hours per time period". Only then you will view the number of MEN per day