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Need to build more devised IT Teams? Pursue these three Strategies

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Alexandra Smith
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One common challenge of any organization is how to build an effective IT team. You often hear about instilling the importance of teamwork or collaboration toward a common goal. On paper, it’s as simple as implementing the workflow, assigning team leaders, and deploying tasks.

But this is easier said than done. However, it’s not impossible, either.... Read More 



Alexandre Antonios
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Thank you for the information, please aknowledge these additional insights. 

As you said, it “is the main challenge for any organization.” to construct successful IT teams. You gave tips and flexible-enough methodologies that are highly team oriented but most of them depend on a strong leadership that will devise the team in a somehow laisser-faire model.

Devise leads to the desire or the will of dividing tasks to creatively deliver a project.


Through the leaderships’ coaching tips, you display, you focus on teams and not division. There are some additional implications that could negatively affect the bridges you are trying to implement to successfully implement an IT team.

As an additional tip, I wanted to propose to you to look at it from the project excellence baseline resolution. The plan-do-check-act Deming cycle along with leadership capabilities driven by excellence would invigorate the team which implicitly affects the project. Naturally, project excellence relies on focusing and acting with the aim of achieving sustainability within budget while benchmarking the project’s practices on an international level. If a project is rated as excellent you would not even have to meditate about technicalities, delegations, bureaucracies and devises. Your project’s culture (or IT team) would blend towards something close to a ‘Confucius’ mentality in organizational management that might apply or not the insight methodology (developed in software projects) for its final product.


Once a project becomes excellent, the project becomes leader within the organization and it becomes a standardized leader in the marketplace that excels in international expectations.

By working on such a project, team members become leaders by living the experience of the project itself. This excellence can only be brought by the team if they stay focused on the delivery of the product: don’t let the flame of success die.


As stated, all project members will feel like living a leaders’ experience even if there is a social hierarchy within the pack. Automatically, by emotional and logical reasoning, you will influence the leaders themselves that agree implicitly or not on the pact of excellence. On a cascading model, the rest of the pack will follow and join in the project’s objective that will be driven by excellence and international stakeholder consideration’s standards.

By inspiring a leader/a democratic council of leaders and by using the need of excellence as a motivational factor, the rest of the crew members will get inspired by your leader(s) or by yourself. By getting inspired or by at least grabbing their attention, you will have to use the excellence as an enforcing mean to shift them to an excellence mentality that will need a high level of focus in order to deliver the most creative and feasible type of IT project.

The post evaluation of the project’s excellence will depend on the social mechanics and post-project metrics. These factors include but are not limited to internal valorization, organizational valorization, personal valorization, team valorization or international valorization.

As a project manager, contract management could help you as a prevention step to assess and brainstorm about the project’s magnitude before even tackling the whole situation. It is a great way to investigate on risk information.

Simplicity is factor to focus; Focus can bring the team towards excellence; Proactive management is key;
Avoid bureaucratic conflicts; Promote high standards; Lead the project to leading standards & make every member a potential leader; Project Excellence.

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