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PMP Preparation Course

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moutaz aldeib
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Hi all,

do you know who is the best provider of PMP courses in UK?




Praveen Malik
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The course comparison URL is now changed to

Planning Expert
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This questions will help you in preparation for PMP Certification exam


Questions and Answers for PMP Certification exam

Manchun Kumar
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There are multiple online resource to learn PMP. we are going to share one of the best training provider who is offering PMP training and other resource for Learn PMP Such as PMP interivew Questions and Answers and PMP Job Description

Praveen Malik
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Hi Moutaz, I think you should find the best trainer in your local area and attend her/his course. You would be spending 4 days with the trainer. If the provider is good but the trainer is not good then you would end up losing time & money. You can use linkedin to find 2-3 trainers and then talk to them. Alternatively, you can go for a live online training. You can find a review and comparison of different online classes here -

Good luck.

Patrick Weaver
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All good PMP course providers are endorsed by PMP as an approved R.E.P. (Registered Education Provider).  I cant recommend classroom courses in the UK but you may find the Mentored Email option available at helpful.