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Scheduling Games for PM summitt

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Ciamak Mir-Eschghi
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Hi, we plan to have a session during a PM summit for project managers and we want to play a team game aroung scheduling. Has anybody any idea or experienced something and can share that? Maximum time is 2h.

Our current idea:

a scheduling process puzzle

develop a schedule based on a story



Zoltan Palffy
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1. have a pure logic diagram 20 activities max and see how many people can perform a forward and backward pass hand calculations.

2. Have each team build a schedule for a house and then compare and see how different they are or something like going to the moon or developing a new drug that cures something or prevents aging.

I like the puzzle idea and the story idea also. For the puzzle you could make it more exciting my adding a scavenger hunt into the process and they have to build the schedule based on the items found during the scavenger hunt. If they did not find a particualr piece then they have to mitigiate the schedule and come up with another soultion or work around.