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Planner's Retreat Survey- UK

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K Robertson
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Many apologies if this is the wrong forum or website to post this in, but we would be interested to hear opinions about a new training retreat idea that is being developed.

We would like your views on whether or not a unique opportunity for your continuous professional development would be attractive to experienced town planners, urban designers and those involved in project managing large scale urban development. The main purpose of the event would be to offer a relaxed and supportive environment to foster an intensive exploration of how to ensure that large scale development can be made sustainable and popular to the public.

The core offer would include:

-        A calm, fully catered and comfortable venue.

-        An intensive event held over more than one day.

-        Interesting surroundings.

-        A break from the usual “sheep dip” training or conference experience.

-        Part of a small group for maximum impact as a networking opportunity.

We would like to know:

1.       How far would you be willing to travel to such an event?
< 1 hour; 1 - 2 hours; 2 - 3 hours; over 3 hours.

2.       How much time would you be willing to take out of your week?

3.       Would you be willing to take a weekend out for continuous professional development?

4.       How much would you be willing to spend per day on a maximum budget?
< £200; 200 – 299; 300 – 399; 400 – 499; > 500.


Mike Testro
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Hi K Roberston - welcome to planning planet.

On you next post please only hit the Save button once.

Your survey seems to be directed at the wrong audience.

Such training is usually paid for by the delagates Employer and they want direct and viable retuns on their investment.

Hence to popularity of the "Sheep Dip" method which has a proven track record.

Everything relies on the synopsis and reputation of the trainers not the location of the training environment which should be intense and focused.

You may find a market with local authorities and housing associations.

Best regards

Mike Testro