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Dura Cell
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Hi All,

Does anybody experience "value engineering" activity in the schedule?

How would it affect to your schedule, concept or ideas?

Thanks in advance!


Dura Cell
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Joined: 7 Dec 2010
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Thanks Mr. Daniel for the reply.

Anyway my name is Durante Cellaga. 


Daniel Limson
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Hi Dura,

You name sounds familiar, is that an alias or your real name?

Anyway, concerning your question, First off, Value Engineering activity can affect the schedule in a positive or a negative way depending on the works involve on the Proposal. You may have a value engineering proposal which may be good in terms commercial value but will slow down the construction process hence you need to evaluate the time impact of the proposed changes and whether it is worth adopting the proposed changes. Value Engineering proposal is considered good when it affects both time and money in a positive way. In other words you speed up the construction time (production rates) and save money at the same time, for example, precast concrete, against In-situ, you gain value by eliminating some works i.e falseworks and formworks and speed up the construction process.