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FOR project controls engineers

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Ayisha Al-Marzouqi
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Dear all,

What is your company's training program for a new project controls engineer.?

Please share with me your experiance :)



Mohamed Fazl
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As i know,

1. CIOB Level 4 Certificate and Diploma in Site Management (QCF)- Which is a project control program which is accelerated  by RICS

2. S/NVQ Level 2, 3 & 5 Project Control- which is a project control program which is accelerated by ACostE & ECITB Training provider is TASC.

3. Be a member in Planning Plannet & Get access to study GCPBOK.


Best Regards,


sheik Jamaluddeen
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please provide me details how to register and how much does it cost


please send me to

Kimberley Paterson
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Hi Ayisha/All

I'm not sure if this will be much help, but I've just started in a new role within planning / project controls and I'm being put through my ECITB Certificate in Project Controls. It's an introductory course and it lasts 9 months. I just started it in September.

My company have a very detailed training plan set out over a number of years so for example next year I'll be starting my VQ. The VQ can be split into the individual parts of project controls.....planning, estimating, costing etc. You can do these individually if there is an area of project controls you are wishing to specialise in or you can cover the modules for all areas of project controls.

Like I mentioned I'm very new into a project controls role but hope this is of use.


Mike Testro
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Hi Aijaz

Other than that the most essential requirement is to know and understand what is actually happening at the work sites.

A daily walk around taking in all activities is the minimum requirement - then ask about anything unusual or what you do not understand.

Try to see every worker with a big dollar sign on his helmet and every truck with a dozen dollar flags on its roof - keep asking yourself if they are actually earning any money because that is the ONLY reason they (and you) are on the site at all.

Best regards

Mike Testro

Ashb .
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Hi to all


Hats off - Mike




Aijaz Syed
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Dear Mike

What are the Basic things that a Project Control Engineer has to be aware of like...

I mean Project Control Engineer shud be aware of Scope of Work, Project Status Update, Manpower Requirement Onsite, Procurement Material Status, Machines Equipment Requirement, Critical Activities, Indepedent and dependent activities,  Weekly Progress status with reference to planned progress etc.,

Other than this what is his responsibilities????


Mike Testro
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Hi Ayisha

I think you will find that no company has any formal training programme for project control engineers.

What happens is that young graduates get fed into the bottom of the system and how far they rise depends on their own skill and enthusiasm.

Plus of course how much demand is required in the industry at any particular time.

I started as a tea boy in a builders office but was allowed a day release and evenings to study for my HNC and then CIOB.

That was 45 years ago when a university degree was only for Architects and Engineers.

Best regards

Mike Testro