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Who can teach/ train in P6 in UK?

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Bik Sohal
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I'm hoping someone can give me some options on training courses or even individuals that can provide training in P6?  There are courses out there that cost £1800+.  I'm currently using MS Project for a good few years and want to learn P6. 

Is there anyone that can help or training companies anyone can recommend?






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Hey kamesh 



Hw much would you charge....... 





Stuart Corbett
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I have been to 2 different organisation in the uk that provide P6 trainning courses, Richard Palmer & ForgeTrack. I have pasted both web addresses below. Both have sites around the UK and charge around about £850 a course, although you will need to check with them.

Richard palmer i went to many years ago and found them very helpful.

Forgetrack i went to a couple of months back for one of there advance courses. They were very informative and very friendly. i would gladly recommend either of them.

kamesh avasarala
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do you need training in uk only ?  iam giving the training in india and if they needs i can give the training online also and iam teaching p7 also .  any body need also can contact for training in india and any other place through online with very less cost and iam in teacinh since 15 years and parallely working in power section and steel sector experiance. instead of going long way and paying more to them i think this is better way if they can sit on house also through online i can teach if we fix time and its my interst also for me.

basically iam located in hyderabad india .

my mail id is  :

my phone no is :+917702485290


A.kameswara rao

Sr.Manager Planning

NCC Hyderabad