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Vocational Training Route

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Jonathan McGivern
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Some years ago, I got involved with the development of national vocational qualification (NVQ)standards for the UK Engineering and Construction Industry in collaboration with ACostE and the ECITB. These standards have now matured and are gaining support in the UK and overseas. They are based on competence demonstration through evidence rather than by exam.

anyone interested should access www.ACostE.organd follow the links

I put a number of my employees through the assessment and can recommend it.


Samer Zawaydeh
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Dear Jonathan,

This is a good source of information. Thank you for sharing it.

With kind regards,

Jonathan McGivern
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Hi Mike

The reason for my post was because I can see lots of individuals chasing the PMP route which is fine in theory but doesn’t necessarily create a competent Project controls person. I have also read the desire for planning planet to create it’s own accreditation/ certification route which is admirable but impractical. The discussion at the time of the development of the NVQ’s was whether we as an industry (British Chemical Engineering Contractors Association) in conjunction with ECITB should align with the APM (affiliated with PMI) or with the ACostE. It was determined that the APM was too broad in its coverage of project management for a pure project controls qualification.

As I said in my original post, the NVQ’s have matured and are now a fantastic resource for competence assessment. They operate at three levels - level 2 being entry, level 3 for 5+ years experienced individuals and level 4 for those operating at project control manager level.

Mike Testro
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Hi Jonathan

Welcome to Planning Planet.

The training and accreditation section needs all the advice it can get.

Best regards

Mike Testro