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Programme for Fuel Storage Tanks in Afghanistan

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Alan Antonio
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Anyone who has built a fuel storage tank in Afghanistan? Can you give me some tips on how to make a logical schedule for two tank pits with 3-five million liters tanks each?


Gary Whitehead
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You’d also need a bund, and a fire fighting system.

Depending on the fuel type, the tanks may be fixed roof, floating roof, or fixed roof with internal floating roof.

Allow time for cleaning out the tank after construction.

Commissioning will usually comprise of water test, and a fuel soak test. (plus usual commissioning of associated pipes, pumps, FFS, etc)
Samer Zawaydeh
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Dear Alan,

You might want to add the following sections as well:

I. Shop Drawings Submittals.

II. Material Submittals.
a. The Inspection and Test Plan is a major Quality Document that you need to get it submitted and agree with the client and the Engineer.

III. Procurement. This is Major item that you want to study. Exactly how to Fabricate/ Paint/ Deliver the material to site.

IV. Installation:
a. Add a line item for Anchor Bolts.
b. NDT testing is done at site.
c. Add the Electro Mechanical Activities
d. You need a lot of scafolding depending on the size.

V. Security is a major item. decide what you need and if it is related to your construction sequence.

VI. Testing
Decide what testing is required depending on your specifications and add it as activities with the right sequence.

VII. Quality Control Documents.
Decide what you need and add them as activities.

With kind regards,

Ashb .
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Hi it is just a sample for storage tanks
Activity description
Formwork/Steel Reinf. - Base
RCC Casting - Base
Waterproofing Base
Dune Sand Filling
External Backfilling
Placement & Welding of Steel Base Plate
Welding & erection of Steel Shell & Roof
Testing and Inspection
Paint Primer works
Final Paint works
Piping and Connection to Steel Tanks
Installation of Water Meters
Piping and Connection to main Building