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Planning & Scheduling Professional (PSP)

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Rolando Velasco
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Greetings to everybody.

Just wanna know if anybody has been accredited as Planning & Scheduling Professional (PSP)?

What benefit can we get from it to develop our planning career?

Does any Company in the Industry looking for this qualification?

Hoping for your comments & advise.


Pirzada Umair Ahmed
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Hi to all

Does anybody have the Planning and scheduling Professional Sample test queastion including the memorandum question?

I am in Urgent need


Engr Umair

Emad Mofarej,PMP,...
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I read about PSP certification in forum. Recently I started to get ready for PSP exam because I am planning to immigrate to USA (Houston) and I thought maybe a good international certificate help me to find a better job(Am I right?) for your information I am  a senior planner in middle east with 9 years of experience. As you know the only material list that is available is the one in AACE site. It contains 6 books and 3000+ pages. I just finished AACE’s Skills & Knowledge of Cost Engineering but I don't know is that enough? because it is a very detailed book and it's hard to memories line by line. and even if i memorize all 6 books cover to cover would that be enough? or there is other materials needed to pass that exam.Your help is very appreciated. 
Patrick Weaver
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The numbers of accredited PSP or PMI-SP practitioners are relatively low around 1000 for each.

PSP is of most use in proving you are a qualified expert to give evidence in USA constructions claims. 

PMI-SP is of most use if you are looking to move into controls management.

Both have quite rigorous requirements and being qualified is starting to become valuable in the job market.

More information of the currently available certifications can be found at:

Mohammed Fasiuddin
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Good morning Engineers, am MD.Fasiuddin, BE Civil engineer, currently working as a Planning engineer. I have a doubt regarding Planning of Flexible pavement(How to allocate and calculate manpower , Equipments, and Materials )

1.Earth work: Cut, fill , Subgrade2.Asphalt work: MC1, BBC,BWC3.Concrete work: Construction of RCBC,RCPC,Bridgeworks,Retaining walls

i really wantede to know that How to calculate how much manpower, Equipments, and materials used for each activity, and their calculations.


Bhagawan Gedda
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Dear Mukunda,


PSP is "Planning and Scheduling Professional".


4 ur info.

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Hi Rolando / Mukund,

There are two such courses in the market and in demand.

a. PSP from AACEI
b. PMI-SP from PMI

These days people do ask about this certification and it really helps.

People have advised that PMI-SP is very well structured than PSP (AACEI).

Check the contents on their websites. ( /

Ashb .
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mukunda y
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Dear ones

What is this PSP? where we have to get this certification? how it is usefull to us? any information please

Ashb .
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TO my knowledge it is most required for planner to enhance knowledge up to date and to get more ideas about project planning