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Marking Up Plans, Showing Site Setup etc

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James Young
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should a planner be involved with marking up site setup plans & phasing drawings?

if so what software should i be using?

Many thanks,



Tom Hadley
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Google Sketchup is a great little program for recording progress. You can pick up photos and then use them as a basis for your 3d model. Then mark up as you want to represent progress or issues. I ahve been a planner since 1976 and wich that I ahd such software back then. I still use a pack of crayons by the way :-)

On another issue on this PP site, is that it seems to be used by inexperienced planners to learn. This is a good thing in itself, but it reflects the lack of professionalism in the planning business.

I am very willin got share my experience but not to give tmeplate answers to projects. There is often similarites between projects , but generlayy theyt all need a fresh plan at the start possibly incorporating bits form other projects. The cookie cutter approach is dangerous.

I like many of my peers learned on the job. We seem to be heading towards this technoligical solution to a problem which really requires a bit of "thinking" . This means spending time using our heads rather than looking for some quick fix template approach.
Trevor Williams
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I do not dispute any of the approaches below, the level of effort you put in to the production of the presentation is up to you.

However, if you are referring to an EPC project, you may want to ensure that the design areas that Engineering has defined and closely relate to the construction areas that Construction will define. This helps prioritize the arrival of materials, equipment, etc. to support the construction execution philosophy.
Ferdinand Fincale...
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Hi James,

Site setup plans are usually being taken care of by the Project Managers and its construction section. We do make suggestions in its entirety but usually its the Construction Manager who has the final say for the site setup. For the phasing drawings, we do have a lot of input to share with the Construction execution plan which are then presented in drawings.

As to your MARKING question, I say yes that we do make drawing markings but we need not burden ourselves in its softcopy preparation as there is always drafting section in the site who can do that task in reflecting our markings in the construction drawings, may it be done in Autocadd or by manual drafting. You know, we planners are always loaded with so much task to complete for our projects.

Both Mike’s and Charleston’s suggestions are valid depending on your presentation need. Just sharing....

Mike Testro
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Hi James

I cant let Charleston get awy with that last post.

All you need is a site layout plan for each level in A3.

A pack of crayons

An A3 scanner.

When you have coloured in your zones scan them in and save them as JPEG files.

These can then be imported into any type of software for identificatin and reference.

If they can be scaled down enough you can even embed them in your programme - or at least you can using Powerproject.

Best regards

Mike Testro.
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HI James,

You need AutoCad software compatible with the one use in the project.

You need pdf converter, to covert Auto Cad drawings to pdf files (use Acrobat Reader Profeessional latest version.

You need Power Point to make presentation.

You also need excel latest version, the drawing tools of excel

You also need words latest version.

You can vary if you have time to learn a lot of software.

For example: you may find photoshop convenient to use.

Or you make go to video converter software. for example you will take video shots of mark up area, then, you will place this in the video storyboard, and you can use editing for effective video presentation.

Of course you can burn into cd the video presentation.

all this will depend on your ingenuity and value added solution provider attitude.

Succeful Project Management Consultant.

Abhijit Kale
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as samer said is correct.
If a project is big and many contractors working in the same area you hvae to get involved in to that, although you have got seperaet full time interface coordinator especially assigned for this job.

As being a planner we know the requirement of the project so we need to coordinate with interface coordinator to ensure uninturupted work
Samer Zawaydeh
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Dear James,

It depends on the size of projects that you are dealing with. If you are working on the client side on a site with several contractors, then you will need as a planner to coordinate the site layout for them.

For smaller site, the project manager determines the location.

For site with single Contractor, the client determines the location of the Lay down area, and the Contractor figure out the best orientation for the site offices within that plot.

Good luck,

Simon Martin
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Hi James,
We get involved with this in my company. Typically I would use something simple like MS PowerPoint to create simple drawings, or I will copy and paste PDFs of architectural drawings etc into PowerPoint and annotate these.
Simon Martin
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I have to second Safak’s recommendation for Google-sketch after recently being recommended to it by a colleague.

You can quite easily create 3d models and pan, tilt and zoom around them; I think even simple models would impress many clients :)
Safak Vural
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Dear Planners,

Please check google-sketch. You can create glorious sketchs in minutes. Very handsome for presentations and etc. If you can combine usage with Autocad and Photoshop, you can create a 3-d model in a few hours.