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Training Primavera 5.0 /P3e

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Nadeem Akram
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I recently Joined a Pre Contracts organisation as Planning engineer , I got about 20 years Site experience as Site Engineer/Senior Engineer. I want to change my career as Planning Engineer .
In my Present role we are working Tender Planning and Pre Contracts work. Here we are using Primavera 5.0/P3e.
I got training in Primavera Version 2.0 Long time ago . I was told that proper training will be provided to me .
Any how I am hungry to learn Planning Skills but Can any one please guide me how I can start ,Which Training should I start ? any special skill I need?

Kind Regards

Nadeem Akram
London UK


D Artagnan
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This is how I basically learn softwares. I just read ebooks which are always available around and start exploring the program. This is the cheapest way.