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P-6, guide book

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Sajid Syed
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any body got some good PRIMAVERA P-6 GUIDE BOOK


sharon Maxwell
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coming soon ...


Oracle Training at CETPA


asd salim
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hi i need primavera training courses 102 and 106   pdf pls

Jun Gallardo
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Mr. Harris,

Thank you. I have downloaded sample chapters from your website. These samples will help me alot.


Jun Gallardo
William Parra Campos
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Mr. Paul I`m interested to adquire your book, I`m living in Colombia. How can I buy it?

I work like scheduller and traineer and I`m interested to learn the advantages of P6.


William Parra Campos
Paul Harris
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I have published a book on P6, details on my web site.

Paul E Harris
Eastwood Harris Pty Ltd, Melbourne, Australia
Planning and Scheduling Training Manual & Book Publishers & Consulting
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Hi emrah.
P6 CD number 3 have the PM guide manual. Maybe it’s useful for you.
emrah ozsarac
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