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Access / VBA guide

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James Barnes
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Joined: 6 Sep 2007
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Can anyone recommend a good Acces / EXCEL / VBA & SQL guide.

I have a good knowledge of both Access and Excel GUI use but not how to implement scripts macros and all that. Specifically I’m after being able to use the linked Pervasive ODBC access tables to produce automated worklists, 3 day lookaheads, progress reports etc either outputting them to Access reports or to Excel sheets for graphing etc. I am making progress on this on my own, but it would be useful to have some sort of reference guide to refer to

So, the guide should provide me with;

- advanced tools in the Access / Excel GUI
- VBA and SQL scripting guide for Access and Excel
- VBA and SQL reference and syntax guide, general and specific to Access / Excel
- How tos for common tasks
- a tea maker and possibly a cigarete roller



Pranab Kumar Deb
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hello Raviraj,
do you have some books for excel macro programming , if yes please can you send to

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Check: for more VB / Excel / Access books. U can find 100’s of books on d subject

James Barnes
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Joined: 6 Sep 2007
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My french is servicable in a bar or down at the market, but not good enough to read technical manuals!

Actually, I think I’m going to give the O’Reilly "integrating Excel and Access" a whirl, I have a few of their books already and they seem to take an approach that suits me.