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New forum for planners...

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Sanjiv Parekh
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New forum for planners...


Abhijit Kale
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Its empty....
almost nothing
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Can not imagine how he can convince people to attend an empty forum. I checked it but it totally empty.
Chris Oggham
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Hi Andrew,

I’ve just had a look at this eplex thing; is it my imagination, or does it seem to be a bit short on contributions? With the number of times it’s been pointed to you’d really expect something there, so I don’t think I will bother again, I’ll stick with Planning Planet.

Chris Oggham
Andrew Dick
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That’s a fair cop about the convict thing, but there are no Rabbits in Queensland, they have a big fence to keep them out.

And I must also agree with Nigel, how many more times are you going to try and point out this new website. Have you at least fixed al the virus problems with it??
Richard Rush
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Agreed, and anyway what do the ex-convicts or rabbits have to teach us about engineering??
Nigel Winkley
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How many times are you going to post this?