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SAP - PS for planning major project

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Alex Wong
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Dear PPs

Anyone uses SAP - Project System Module to plan projects before...
how do you find it
it the methodology use is align with CPM or PMBOK
What benefits you find
What short coming you faces

I am now working in a Energy Company who deceided to run all projects in SAP PS. SAP(company) said its been very successful in lots of big multinational corp. If thats the case I believe PPs here in planning plannet must have some experience to share...



Alex Wong
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As I understand that SAP PS do not have the data date concept. In which case that when you are not updating the entire schedule... As a result, you will have driving activities will not calculated accordingly.

Am I correct??

In addition, I would like to know how many activity is in your individual project Plan... 100s 500s 1000s or 10,000s

Thanks in advance

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It works best if it is integrated with some project management software like MSP.

Major advantage of using SAP is that you can access all the information of any department at any given moment of time if you are provided read access.

As a project manager, it is of great help.


Devamalya De
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I’m using SAP PS in planning for building projects. The system is only as good as the data fed into the same. Results are good if the data provided is rich. Methodology is aligned with CPM since all forms of Network logic can be used with lags and leads as necessary. The short-coming is in Reports which also is made up to a large extent by the BI (Business Intelligence) Module. The system can be invaluable if all possible milestones are meticulously fed into the system along with their planned finish dates. The tracking can then be done at ease based on when Actual dates are encountered.