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P6 CPM vs SOV vs 99% vs Punchlist Items...

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John Reeves
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For those of you that deal with the Schedule of Values vs CPM schedule connection: I have been on project where the CM/owners leave items at 99% to make sure punchlist items are corrected...- that skews the schedule when items are essentially 100% complete but have to leave at 99%.  Do you always have Punchlist Item on the SOV?  Any SOV tips for easy comparison to the CPM?  (or submittal logs which is a can of worms vs schedule)


Rafael Davila
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Leaving all items open is insane, retainage shall cover most cases, not to mention Payment and Performance Bond.


The following methodology I do not find pragmatic in any way, too cumbersome.

At home our clients do not use the schedule as a payment tool.  Architects and many others that have to revise the payment requests are not expert at using the scheduling software while all are proficient at using worksheets and this is what is required. Creating the basic application reports within the software without leaving all necessary details such as Material on Site can be a nightmare.


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Zoltan Palffy
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there are a couple of thing you can do

1. add ap unclist activity and then close the original activity out

2. create a Steps template which includes punchlist items.

3. create punlist items in the original schedule especially if this is what the client always does and put a very low dollar value on them. This way you are betting paid for the major effoert of work and have very little monies tied up wiating for punch list items to be completed.  

4 Use the suspend and resume function in P6

Rodel Marasigan
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Depending on the detail and or level of your schedule. When you are managing a level 3 schedule or higher, punch list can be part of Rules of Credit (ROC) for each activity. If managing a level 4, level 5 or more detailed schedule you can have an activity for punch list item. This is easier way of managing punch list on CPM.