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moutaz aldeib
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Greetings planners,

I have a schedule with calendar six days working from 8:00 a.m to 17:00 applied to all tasks. The dates for the tasks are completely strange for me. for example:

task A: 5 days, the start date is 16 Jan 8:00, it gives me the finish date 21 Jan 9:00

task B: 3 days, the start date is 16 Jan 8:00, it gives me the finish date 19 Jan 10:00

knowing that from 16 Jan to 21 Jan, no holidays or off days.

I am really confiused about the calendar




Zoltan Palffy
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it probally has to do with your TIMES and durations

go to edit users preferences and select the time units tab then look at the durations format make sure that the Decimal places is set to 2.

then go to the dates tab there and at the bottom select TIME :12:00 (1:30 PM) and select show miniutes.

what happens here is that lets say that an activity has a 5 day duration and you progress this to 50% thsi will make the remaining duration 2.5 days This means that the activity will end in the middll or at 12:00 noon of the 3rd day. That means that any successor can begin at noon on that same day. You can clearly see this for a 1 day activity that actually spans 2 days.

1. make all of you reamining durations whole numbers

2. make any actual start date TIMES 8:00 AM

3. Make any actual finish dates TIMES 17:00 PM

4. Make any start constraint date times 8:00 AM

5. Make any finish constraint date times 17:00 PM

6. Make the project START DATE TIME to 8:00 AM

7. Make the project must finish by date time: 17:00 PM

8. Change the data date time to 8:00 AM

That should fix it also make sure that your activities are assigned to the correct calendar

Rafael Davila
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The Inner Workings of P6

It gets better when different days of the week have different number of work hours for a given calendar, get used to it.

Santosh Bhat
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Follow the steps on my article linked below to troubleshoot your issue, it will be either due to durations or due to an issue with the calendar you're using:

P6 Schedules - Activity Date / Time Issues | LinkedIn