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Integrating Supplier Schedules - Microsoft Project (Supplier Schedule) to P6 (Project Schedule)

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UK Planning Engineer
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Has anyone incorporated a Supplier Schedule (From Microsoft Project) from a supplier, to monitor their performance and Earned Value, into their Project's P6 Schedule?

Is there any tips or information, UDFs, consistency advice across formats and general tips on integrating and measuring supplier performance that anyone can provide?

Any tips on rolling up or condensing their schedule?

How to keep a consistent update and comparison across months and monitor for slippage or deletion/addition of new activities not in the integrated BL?


Any help, as always would be greatly appreciated :)


Thanks again,


Zoltan Palffy
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use xer transfer to convert from MSP to P6 or formm P6 to MSP

David Kelly
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Wow. Lots of Practice. You will find regular medical check-ups useful. It just doesn't work very well. The P6 import of MSP does not give you the kind of integration control you need. Aa a one-off file conversion it is ok, as part of a regular progress measurement regime, no thanks. Best to use a tool specifically designed to do this sort of thing, like Legare from Collabro. Not cheap. Does a proper job of implementing whatever business rules you need.