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WBS Name Maximum Characters

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Jason LI
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Hi All,

When try to import a P6 XML file, show up an error window saying "Valvue too large for cloumn WBS_Name (actuall:116, maximum :100)", Any advice on how to solve it or where can adjust my WBS name Maximum Characters.


thanks and regards


Steven Auld
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The 100 character limit is an absolute maximum if you are using SQL Server (or I presume Oracle Database).

It can however be exceeded when using SQLite as the database due to the difference in how this operates compared to the other 2 Database types, but I don't think that this would have been done inside the Primavera interface.

The Primavera software should not allow you to exceed the 100 character limit for compatibility, however if the file is edited outside of Primavera then it can be exceeded when it shouldn't have.

I have modified an XER file & imported into Primavera OK when using a SQLite database. Exporting from this database into an SQL Server database then failed (XER Import not XML).

This setting cannot be altered within Primavera & is hard coded into the Database structure. It could theoretically be changed at the database level, but would not recommend going down this route.

You would need to adjust the WBS Name to 100 characters or less to allow the import.



Zoltan Palffy
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all setting for lenghts are in the Admin Preferences setting.

one solution is to shorten the name 

where did the xlm come from ?

what program created it 

are you sure its not the wbs tree limit ?

Mohammed Ali
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This is the answer from the SQL Server.