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Assigning Resource

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Mike planner
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I want to assign a new resoure an activity. Can i know why it will changed my budgetted unit? I can see my budgetted Activity Cost is 395050 but when i assign a new resource, it splitted or share my bugeted unit. 


How do i prevent this from happend when i assign a new resource?









Zhang Haixiang
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please check "duration Type" 

set to "fixed duration and Units/Time"

and then if you add a new resource, the budget will be calculated as duration*Unit/Time

for example, you have an activity with 10 days duration, and you add a resource A (8.00/day) to it, then the budget will be 10*8=80.

if you add another resource B (4.00/day) to it, then the budget will be 10*4=40, it will not share the budget from resource A


Zoltan Palffy
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it did nto split your budget what it does by default is if in your resources your max units/time isset to 8 hours per day it multiplies 8 times the duration to get your budgeted manhours. You can then revise the budgeted manhours as needed.