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Changing of Original Duration in P6

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vaithiyanathan radha
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Hi guys,


 I have a small clarification in P6 & Hope you guys can help me out.


When i update my P6 Schedule original Duration is getting Revised accordingly to Expected Finish date given.May i know what is the reason behind to get Revised.





Santosh Bhat
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As well as viewing the Original Duration column, also include the following:

  • Original Duration (OD)
  • Actual Duration (AD)
  • Remaining Duration (RD)
  • At Completion Duration (ACD)

This will help to explain how the various duration values are used. As a rule

  1. AD+RD will always equal ACD
  2. OD = RD when the activity has not started
  3. AD = ACD when the activity has finished

Note that none of the above refer to durations from any baseline projects. For that you need to Look at BL/BL1/BL2  Duration values as well.

Zoltan Palffy
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if you dont want it to do that then remove it.

What the expected finsh date will do will automatically calculate the duration from the date that the activity is schedule to start to the expected finish date that you entered. 

David Kelly
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If your activity has not started, That is what it is supposed to do.