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Primavera Web Services

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Billy Holte
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I am curious if anyone uses Primavera Web Services in creative ways to use P6 more efficiently. Cant find any blogs out there about how people leverage this capability. Clearly P6 built it for a reason, so is anyone using it? and how?


Santosh Bhat
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Billy Holte, The tool that I am co-founder of, Turbo-Chart makes use of P6 Webservices to allow direct connections to a P6 Database, and extract project information to create Time Location charts. Suited mainly for linear projects, by using Webservices, Users can updat etheir P6 schedule and refresh their chart to reflect this updated scheduled.


Using Webservices uses USer credentials to maintain security profiles and access to the projects that the user has been given permission to see, so from a security perspective, using WebServices provides the data connectivity, but without violating P6 security access rules.