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Changing the order of activities

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Charlotte Underhill
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Joined: 4 Jul 2016
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Hi All,

I'm new to using primavera, i currently use Asta Powerproject, so this software is scary compared to what i know.

Can anyone help me, i'm trying to simply re-order my activities?

 To explain what i've done so far:

I have added in 3 activities, given them a name and duration, applied logic to them and sceduled. Now i want to add a new activity inbetween activity 1 & 2?

Thanks in advance,



Zoltan Palffy
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it can be used just like excel if you click on the top of ANY column your data will be organized alpha numerically in an ascending  order. If you click it again it will be listed in an alpha numeric descending order

also under group and sort you can also tell it what oder that you want and can have more than 1. i.e. sort order by


activity id