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Progress Update

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Mike Reymort
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I am updating my program on a weekly basis. Since my project is late my milestone dates are being delayed. The maximum delay for each milestone compared to the previous update should not exceed 7 days (since I am updating on a weekly basis). However, this is not the case; one of milestones got delayed for 9 rather than 7 days. How can my milestone be delayed more than 7 days if only 7 days had passed ? 

Any ideas ? 






Emad Mofarej,PMP,...
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There are million explanations. As Zoltan said the usual suspect is the Calendar diffrence. specially when you are certain that you didn't change anything else and the diffrence is miniscule.

Here are some of the examples.

1-Calendar diffrence.

2- Holidays, Long weekens, winter restrictions etc

3- Modified logic, original durations, calendars, constraints

4- resource calendar

5- expected finish for in progress activities or extending at completion



If you are really interested to see what happened add the previous schedule update as the baseline. filter float path 1 and compare start and finish dates with each other along the line.

Zoltan Palffy
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calendar difference