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Progress Update

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Mike Reymort
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I am updating my program on a weekly basis. Since my project is late my milestone dates are being delayed. The maximum delay for each milestone compared to the previous update should not exceed 7 days (since I am updating on a weekly basis). However, this is not the case; one of milestones got delayed for 9 rather than 7 days. How can my milestone be delayed more than 7 days if only 7 days had passed ? 

Any ideas ? 






Morne Johann Bees...
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Agree with Zoltan, you're issue is most likely caused by your calendar applied to the milestone. If weekend is non-working time and this calendar is assigned the milestone may be pushed to just over the time limit in the calendar. This will then push the milestone to the next available working day.

Turn on hours and minutes in your view and check there. If needed you may want to slightly adjust the predecessors duration or assign a 24hr calendar.

Zoltan Palffy
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you need to understand scheduling I can have only 1 day pass and update the schedule and delay a project for several years. Maybe I have a delivery that has slipped 1 month due a part not being available. I think in your case it maybe a calendar issue check which calendar that the 9 day milestone is on compared to the other milestones that are only 7 days behind schedule.  

Rafael Davila
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Such delays are not unusual.  Start by looking at any activity along the paths that shifted execution from a period without non-work days to a period that include non-work days.

Good Luck