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Filter projects in EPS by milestone status

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Will Radford
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I (as well as my company) am new to running P6, and have what should be a basic question.  I have searched the internet and have come up empty.  What I want to know is if I can filter projects in the EPS window based on milestone status.  Now I know the first thing you might say is that milestones are unique for each project and so how could you filter all your projects based on milestones that could be anything?  Correct, that wouldn't work, but if you did have a standard set of milestones that were used in each project, you should be able to filter all your projects based on whether or not the milestones have been completed.  

For example, (1) Drafting inititated, (2) Drafting 50% complete, (3) Drafting 90% complete, (4) Drawing issued for construction.  If all my projects used these four milestones then I should be able to filter projects in the EPS screen on them.  Like, show me all projects that have drafting 90% complete, but not issued for construction.  

If this functionality is flat out unavailable, I would love to hear other ways you all do similar types of filtering and reporting.



Johannes Vandenberg
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Hi Will

You can filter all milestones for all projects under the same EPS as follows.

  • Select and open all projects in the same EPS
  • Go to filter and select "milestones

I consider using milestones for progress reporting on drawings is not the most efficient method. I understand that you would be interested in the status of the progress attained for the drafting of drawings over all the projects in the EPS. The most effective method is to use "steps". In steps you can make an global template  with the percentage say

  1. Step 1 15%
  2. Step 2 50%
  3. Step 3 90%
  4. Step 4 100%

Then you can use filter as desired.

Trust this helps


Zoltan Palffy
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you could create a portfolio and part of the filter for the portfolio would be your filter parameters

Akhtar Khan
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You can do this only in activity window, open all projects-apply filter-you can view progress of all open project milestones in one window.