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P6 v8.2 Import Resource Assignments

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James Shaffer
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I added 5 resources with varying budgeted hours to a task-dependent task set to duration type of Fixed Duration/units. Everything looked fine.

I exported that set of assigments to an xls file. I DID NOT OPEN THE FILE.

I deleted the 5 resource assignments, setting the activity's budgeted units to 0 in the process.

I imported the previously exported .xls file. All five resources showed up, but only one had any budgeted units on it, the number of budgeted units originally assigned (37 units over 30 days.)

All the other resource assignments had a zero in their budgeted units.

Where should I look?


Zoltan Palffy
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make sure that calculate cost from units is NOT checked on the resorce if it is run a global change and set it to no