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How to Create Multiple Colours on the Same P6 Bar

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Ife Olyke
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Hi Folks,


I want to put two colours on the same bar. Basically, I want to show where

  • Let’s say you have an activity scheduled (baselined) to start 1st Feb 2014 and finish 28th Feb 2014. Bar colour for the activity is green.
  • By 15th March 2014, activity has not finished and still has up to 30th March to complete


I want to show on the same bar as follows;

  • From 1st Feb (Baseline start) to 28th Feb (Baseline finish) bar colour RED
  • From 28th Feb (Baseline finish) to 15th March (Current Data Date) bar colour WHITE
  • From 15th March (Current Data Date) to 30th March (Expected Finish Date) bar colour YELLOW


Has anyone done similar thing before? Please share





Ife Olyke
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Joined: 6 Feb 2007
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Thanks guys.

Jose Frade
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Best way is to Show two bars for the activity:

1. Baseline - one bar

2.Actual and forecast - another bar


Reason: If trying to combine in one bar and where some dates overlap (Ex: Plan st 01/02 and fs 28/02; Actual st 15/02 and pln fs 30/03). The period on mentioned example between 15/02 and 28/02 will be shown only in one of the bars - the one being defined later on the sequence of bar definition window)


No problems with collors (you can define as much as you want for different status of the work): baseline, done, forecast, float, etc.


Caution: White collor will require special ability when displaying in white background or printing.




Raymund de Laza
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Use UDF dates and activity coding.