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Generate S-curve in P6 R8.2

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Leonard Esber
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Dear colleagues,

Just want to know, in P6 R8.2, how to generate s-curves for the following:

     1. Cost (Plan vs. Actual)

     2. Earned Value

     3. Schedule Variance

     4. Resource Loading




Adolfo Caccialanza
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The best solution for Progress Curves Early & late is at this site:


Best regards

Chris Rymer
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Have a look at Project Tracker, the new software that generates S curves directly from P6. There is no need to export the data to a spreadsheet, Project Tracker will do it all for you. S curves can be created from the duration of the activity as well as resource and cost allocations. More information can be found at
Adam Garnham
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Hi Leonard

Might need some more info here mate - what exacting are you looking for? How to view the current spend profiles as curves or how to profile spend as an S-curve?

To view the current spend profiles of your schedule go to the Resource Usage Profile screen, right clicking on the graph area will allow you to select Timescale and Resource Usage Profile Options to tailor the graph. This will display the current profiles.

To assign Curves to resource loaded activities you will need to select the relevant activity, open the Resources tab of the Activity Details window, and right-click add the Curve column to the table. Then you can select from pre-defined curves by double clicking in the newly added column. If none of the curves fit then you can create your own. But I will wait see if this helps you first.