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Migrating OPP 2.6 to Primavera

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Ray Dawson
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Our orginisation is having to move from OPP 2.6 to Primavera P3e V5, not my choice, Corperate edict.
Any way does anyone out there know of a tool or a mapping that will allow us to move our current projects from OPP oracle to Primavera Oracle data sets?


Robert Mellalieu
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Ray, I am not familiar with OPP as I am a Primavera planner however I believe having talked to my fellow OPP planners that OPP will export to MSP and/ or Excel. Once this is accomplished the data can be imported to P3e. Don’t know of any way to directly interface the Oracle data sets. If you have Primavera tech support they will offer you a spreadsheet that you can populate with your OPP data that can easily import to P3e in the correct fields. Obviously the weakest link in the chain is MSP and care will need to be taken if your schedules are large or you have links between Projects.
If you have found another way I would like to know your solution. Good Luck
Kirk Wright
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Judging by the response Ray, you must be the first !!