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How to link Percent Complete to Progress Periods

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Cameron Illingworth
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Good morning everyone,

I would like to link the Percent Complete to the Progress Period so that when I am looking at each Progress Period, the Percent Complete entered will reflect that Progress Period. This relationship is present with the Progress Period dropline, so that if I display ultiple Progress Period droplines, they reflect the percentages I entered for the period. But once I enter progress into Percent Complete, this value in the spreadsheet doesn't change when alternating between Progress Periods.


Is there anyway to do this?


Many thanks,



Alexandre Faulx-B...
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Hi Cameron,

there is no such Progress Period in MSP as in Primavera P6;

the Progress Line does not store the corresponding data in a field available to the user; therefore, as far as I know, you should use a numeric custom field to key in the Period Performance every time you display a Progress Line

a time consuming process if I can say, and MS Excel would be a more appropriate tool for that