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Resource usage in a report

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Dear All,

In a report I have included a table showing the tasks that a resource should be working on in a particular week. So open tasks per week per resource.

When possible I would like to extent that table with the amount of hours a resource should be spending on a task in that week.

Is there a field for this? Or how can I make one? The work fields are all related to the task totals.
I am more lookig for resource usage per task per Week (or Month). So basically the resource usage view per resource with a time scale set to weeks and so showing the amount of hours per task per week.

The reason I would like to have that in a report rather than a seperate view (resource usage) is that in that case I only have to print the report I have prepared to have all information for a weekly/monthly progress meeting of various projects.

In addition one more question about how you can get a (print) date or the relevant weeknumber (or month) of a table printed in your report.

Many thanks in advance for all support.