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Question about more different projects on one sheet

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T Heo
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Since a short time I trying to use Ms Project. I can work already a bit with Primavera P6. Ms Project looks more userfriendly and looks easier to use and build up a single project. Now my question: In Primavera I can make different projects and after that I can select different projects and put them in one view. Thats very easy. How does it work in MS Project? I have made 2 projects now and I assignments Resources to it and I Gilles. The General calender.. Also I put costs per hour to Every resource (= worker). In both project are assiged the same resources for some tasks. 1. How can I get both project in one screen? 2. How can I optimize or reschedule both projects when there comes a red man in the task level on the left Side from the task? I mean can Reschulde / optimize the bottle neck ?


Tom Boyle
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T Heo,

MSP is not as user-friendly as P6 when working with multiple projects. 

1. a. You can use "Arrange All" on the "Window" group of the "View" ribbon to display both projects on the same screen, but this is not like P6.

1.b. You can open a new blank project, then insert the other two projects into it as subprojects (on the "Project" ribbon).  Now you can filter and sort the two projects together.


2. To level resources that are allocated to multiple projects, then you need to use Project Server or a separate resource pool.  It sounds like you have simply duplicated the same project-level resources in both projects.  These can only be leveled within the individual projects.

Good luck, tom