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%complete of baseline condidering the weight factors...

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Nassir Sh
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Dear Friends,

I need to display the %complete of the "baseline" AND "actual %complete" and I need the formula to consider the weight factors of the activities as well. I have tried many formulas, but they end up displaying "ERROR" or 100% completed (even for the activities that have not been started yet in the baseline).

I am really in a hurry, please help me solve this problem.

Thank you


Leonardo Caoile
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Dear Nassir,

I presume that you put your weight factors in the "Cost" field and it is showing 100 at the Project Summary Level.

If yes, then just insert the column "BCWS" and rename it as "Planned % Progress". Then insert another column "Actual Cost" and rename it as "Actual % Progress".


If you have a Cost-Loaded schedule, then you need to customize 3 fields (e.g. Cost1, Cost2, and Cost3)

1) Insert these 3 new columns (try Cost1, Cost2, and Cost3)

2) Rename the columns with "% Wt.", "Planned % Complete", and "Actual % Complete", respectively.

3) Right click on the title, then select "Customize Fields" (a pop-up window will open).

4) In "Custom Attributes" select "Formula" (another pop-up window will open)

5) Assuming the total Baseline Cost of the project is 4,500,000.00, try to do the following:

For Cost1, type-in: ([Baseline Cost]/4500000)*100

For Cost2, type-in: ([BCWS]/4500000)*100

For Cost3, type-in: ([Actual Cost]/4500000)*100


6) For "Calculation for Task and Group Summary Rows", select "Use Formula".

7) While updating, type-in the "% Complete" for related tasks on any given "Status Date" and you shall see the desired results.


There are tons of complex formulas that you can use but I like it this simple and It works for me. I hope it would help solve your problem.