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Applying for Jobs through PP

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Alexander Macintyre
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Hi all,

Im curious to know if someone could explain how to apply for the jobs advertised in the 'Jobs' section. Do I need to be a premium member or part of the Guild or Certified? As I cannot see a method of actually applying for the jobs or a link to where to apply.

Forgive me if this is the wrong place to ask but I have emailed the admin over a week ago with the same question and the last time I emailed the admin it took 4 months for a reply.


Hi Alexander,

When our members or clients post the roles they provide a URL or an email address to use to apply.  When you are logged in you will see the "Application Link / URL" at the bottom of each role.  Here is a screen shot from one of the job postings...


If you have any problems or questions please ping a message to our Founder via or email us via hopefully we will not take 4 months to reply this time :)

Some clients omit an email address or application URL so do ping us a note if it appears that they have done so.

Regards... PP Administration Team.