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Forum Posting Rules revised

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Gary Whitehead
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In case you haven't seen them in the wiki section, please follow the below link to the updated forum posting rules. -It's important that everyone understands them.


Headline points:

1) The Dos & Don'ts are broadly similar to before, though moderators now have specific protection from publicly-posted complaints and the rules on advertising & sales have been tightened up.

2) Moderators like myself have got more power (we can ban people now, apparantly)

3) There's a "3 strikes and your out" system for repeat offenders

4) Myself and (I assume) other moderators were not involved in these changes, so if you don't like them it's not our fault!


Hi Gents, There are 5 or 6 others who occasionally moderate posts plus 3 of us using the PP Admin account also moderation and removing spam, so your not alone :) The changes are a result of repeated requests from moderators and users alike and can be amended if anyone wished to propose a change for consideration. Sorry, I didn't know someone had changed them - they appear fair to me from my first look? You agree? Mike, please don't ban yourself :). Why don't you email James Williams as I'm sure he can get you a major discount for you to advertise on the Marketplace (there is an advert from this on the footer of every PP page... May help spread the word about your offerings. Regards to all. Phil
Gary Whitehead
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 Hi Mike,


I think applying these rules retrospectively would be a bit harsh, so I've decided not to ban you.


Agree it would have been good to be consulted, or at least informed




Mike Testro
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Hi Admin

Since Gary and I are the only active moderators on PP I think we should have been consulted on the changes.

I am guilty of advertising my tutorials and ebook on PP.

Perhaps I should ban myself.

Best regards

Mike Testro