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What has happened to this site recently??

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Bernard Ertl
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    Why is this site suddenly becoming an advertisers dream? It seems as though the site has turned from a Planning related website, built and run for Planners to simply a database storage site? We now find ourselves recieving numerous emails relating to jobs which have no relevance to Planning (QS roles, HSE roles, Site staff roles etc) my thoughts are that this site will soon turn into a job board and join ranks with the various other job sites on the internet. Am I and my colleagues the only people who feel slightly disappointed by this slow but progressive change? Metronet SSL Team

What has happened to this site recently?? (posted in Microsoft Forum)

Could you please clarify a few items?

What do you mean by the site becoming a database storage site? I still see planners posting questions and getting answers. Are you referring specifically to the Microsoft forum?

Are you receiving direct e-mails (ie. SPAM) that you attribute to the forums? Did you post your e-mail address here? I’ve been very visible on the forums and have posted my address in at least one recent thread and I have yet to receive any SPAM e-mail that I can attribute to the forums.

If you are referring to thread notifications for threads that you have posted in with a ppid, let a moderator know which threads are running off track with a post in the Improving Planning Planet forum.

Job related posts/threads should be confined to the Project Services Careers forum.

I will close threads in the wrong forum as I find them (in fact, this thread should be in the Improving Planning Planet forum), but I cannot monitor every single thread in the forums. All of the moderators here are volunteers, so please forgive us if something falls through the cracks.

The Planning Planet is by far the best forum on the internet for discussing planning and scheduling related topics IMO.

Bernard Ertl
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We have tracked down one of the registered recruiters, who it appears, has been posting jobs of all disciplines and descriptions out to the group.

We have removed their facility and subsequently are removing these non-planning jobs.

Sorry for this, but it is a result of too much to do and too few people available to help make the site expand and grow.