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change management

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Mo M
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Would like your views on Change Management and specifically the change log.

is it good practice for risks that have materialised with time/cost/scope impact to be added to the change log and perhaps with an approved change form in addition to the risk register which may record the details of the actual risk occuring?


Patrick Weaver
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You seem to be confusing several documents:

Risks - things that may (or may not) happen in the future are recorded in a risk register for example:

Problems that need resolving (often realized risks) are recorded in the issues log, see:  In the 'real world' many issues simply arise so this log is better kept as a separate document to the risk register.

The change log is a document used by the project change authorities to record requested changes in the scope of the project, or to controlled documents, and record the change request and what has how it has been actioned (rejected, approved, etc.). Managing risks and dealing with issues may, or may not require a formal change process.