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Budget Total Cost Data Lost when Imported

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Eric Preisendanz
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I have searched all over the internet for a solution to my problem. I have found many similiar posts but all the solutions have not worked. Here is what I am having trouble with:

I have a 2500+ activity schedule that is cost loaded with resources that all have a price/unit of $1/unit. Every resource has a UOM of "units". These activities get paid 20% when the activity has started and 80% when the activity is complete. For every resource, I have both "auto compute actuals" and "calculate costs from unit" checked as well as "resources can be assign to the same activity more than once".


For Example:

Activity A1000 is assigned a resource with 350 budgeted units. Therefore, the budgeted cost is $350. When the activity is started it will be 20% complete to give us $70. The remaining $280 will be paid when then activity is complete.


Here is my problem:

The activities are cost loaded from all the resources and are perfect on my XER file. When I go to export the file and then import the file to another computer, most (if not all) the resources have lost the budgeted units and budgeted cost. The resources are still assigned to the activities. During the export/import, I am selecting "update existing" for all the resources and activites.

I also tried exporting my resource assignment to excel. That worked fine. All the assignments were there with their correct budgeted unit/costs.


I can not figure out where I am going wrong. Please help!